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Bare + Boho uses high-end fabrics, organic materials and unique artwork to create beautiful and reusable baby care and sanitary products. Melding ease of use with efficiency, the reusable nappies and other products promote mindful parenting and sustainable production.

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Aesthetically pleasing sustainability from Bare + Boho is as much of a joy to the eye as it is to the planet. Alongside it’s easy-to-use, reusable nappies, there’s sustainable treats for mum and home, too.

How Bare + Boho contributes to the circular economy...


Bare + Boho helps you reduce your overall consumption by making it easy to swap single-use products for better alternatives.

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Classic cloth nappies beautifully reimagined for modern mums (and dads, of course!)

Over two-billion nappies are used and binned every year. When combined with other waste sanitary products like baby wipes, sanitary towels, breast pads and the like, they account for over 450,000 tonnes of waste dumped in Australian landfill alone.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Bare and Boho was created to stem the tide of wasteful nappy use, reinventing the reusable cloth nappy of old for modern sensibilities. We’re not talking scratchy beige wrap-arounds that will irritate baby’s bum just as much as it will drive parents crazy – these are carefully-designed, ethically-minded products which will save you money in the long run.

It’s estimated that the average baby needs 6,000 nappy changes from birth to toddler age – that’s roughly eight nappy changes a day – and more than 12,000 baby wipes. That’s a huge number, totting up costs of around AUD$3,500 to AUD$5,000 per child for nappies alone – quite a chunk of change.

Classic cloth nappies beautifully reimagined for modern mums (and dads, of course!)

Bare and Boho nappies cost from AUD$35 for the starter pack, with additional inserts starting at AUD$8. In the short term, it may seem a lot for something that’s made to be filled with baby poo. But in the long term your wallet and the planet will thank you for it.

Ahh, but if cotton nappies are so great, then why were they phased out by disposables, you may ask? The simple answer is convenience, as it’s far easier to bin than re-use. Bare and Boho knew it had to re-imagine the traditional nappy for it to be viable for parents with such little time on their hands, and had to marry its socially-conscious approach with a design-led attitude to really make a name for itself.

Bare and Boho has re-imagined the traditional nappy, marrying its socially-conscious approach with a design-led attitude to really make a name for itself.

Classic cloth nappies beautifully reimagined for modern mums (and dads, of course!)

Consisting of an outer shell and absorbent inserts made from eco-friendly super materials like hemp and bamboo, Bare and Boho nappies avoid cheap materials that may irritate your baby and you. When a nappy ‘change’ is needed, simply shake the solid waste into the toilet, fling the soiled insert into the wash and slot a fresh one in. Far easier than having to wash the whole nappy itself, and far more ecologically friendly than throwing a disposable into landfill.

It’s widely talked about the havoc that single-use baby wipes are causing to the environment and our sanitation systems, but no-one seems to be talking about nappies. Unsurprising really, as when you have a used one to get rid of, it doesn’t bear thinking about for very long. Doubly so when you consider that disposable nappies and sanitary waste takes roughly 500 years to break down. It’s a problem that no-one wants to admit they’re contributing to, but it’s not too late to stem the tide and make a difference.

Classic cloth nappies beautifully reimagined for modern mums (and dads, of course!)

So we’ve established their planet saving credentials, but what about their street cred? There’s no two-ways about it, Bare and Boho is cool. The nappies have caught the imagination of parents across Australia, with a recent Aldi partnership ensuring more people than ever could try them out… if they were able to get their hands on some. Some branches reported sell-outs within ten minutes of opening their doors, with scores of customers turned away.

A reminder – these queues and sell-outs weren’t for the latest ‘must have’ video game or pair of sneakers, this was all for nappies.

But it’s not just about the planet and babies. Bare and Boho offers a range of products to help mum as well, from ethically-made cotton breast pads, sanitary pads, as well as handy information and guidance on how to best use its products.

And if you’re worried about cleaning nappies there’s a handy guide for you. Because nobody wants poo on their hands now, do they?

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