Let’s get a few things straight about the circular economy & TMRRW™.

So, what exactly IS TMRRW™?

TMRRW™ is a global community of like-minded thinkers, brands, creators, makers, & consumers on a mission to transform the circular economy into a valuable and viable mainstream business model that delivers value for everyone.

It’s where we all come together to transform sustainability from obligation to opportunity through resources, awards, content and experiences. Our focus is on developing new ways of driving widespread consumer behaviour change by demonstrating what’s possible and making it easy for everyone to do what they can.

What is the circular economy?

To put it simply, the circular economy looks beyond the current linear consumption model of Take-Make-Dispose & focusses on eliminating waste by ensuring we generate as much value as possible from everything we make.

To learn more, check out this animation from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

How is TMRRW™ making a difference?

We’re tired of hearing about sustainability problems & want to demonstrate that circular solutions should be seen as opportunities, not obligations. Where others use fear-mongering to drive awareness, we drive action by celebrating the positive opportunities made possible by the circular economy.

We focus on making it easy for everyone to make a difference by adopting more sustainable, circular practices – not just championing the few people doing things perfectly. Although we’re not the experts, our role is bringing together those who are – connecting them with others who share our vision & making things happen that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

We’ve got a clear vision for a future where waste doesn't exist & a long roadmap of projects & ideas, but for now we’re focussing on:

  • Empowering consumers & brands, making it easy for them support those contributing to the circular economy through our The Directory.
  • Providing tips & recommendations to help everyone to adopt more sustainable behaviours through TMRRW™ on Instagram.
  • Celebrating those leading the way with The Circle Awards.
  • Collaborating with brands to help them adopt circular practises & demonstrate what’s possible.

How can I get involved?

Knowing how to make a difference can be daunting, especially when there are so many problems & no single solution. The good news is there are a world of simple opportunities to make a positive difference – start by discovering better alternatives to what you're currently consuming on The Directory and follow TMRRW™ on Instagram for regular tips on how to easily adopt more circular practices in your day-to-day life.

What are the 5R’s?

They're our way of making it easy for everyone to adopt circular behaviours and become more conscious consumers.

Rethink everything you consume. Before you buy look to borrow or rent, but if you have to, try more conscious alternatives.

Reduce your overall consumption. Buy better quality products less often & refuse anything single-use.

Reuse everything you can. Buy pre-loved products & pass them onto someone else when you’re finished with them.

Repair rather than replace. Choose products that are designed to be fixed & use local businesses to give them new life.

Recycle, only as a last resort. Don’t rely on government recycling schemes. Go one step further & find better solutions.

How do you select what is included in The Directory?

We look to include those contributing to the circular economy, regardless of where they are on their journey – it’s easy to focus on what brands & organisations aren’t doing, but we prefer to celebrate what they are doing.

By promoting the steps they’re taking towards a circular future we can increase consumer demand, encourage them to do more & fast-track our transition to a mainstream circular economy.

We don’t always get it right (& we’ll be the first to admit that), but we rely on our community to help ensure those featured within the directory deserve to be in there. If you know of a brand or organisation you think should be included, you can submit them here, or if you notice some details that you don't think are accurate please let us know via the 'Spotted something not quite right?' link that's on every entry.

I’m a brand, business or organisation & want to work with TMRRW™…

We’re always looking to collaborate with those who share our vision and want to help us make a bigger impact. To find out more about partnership opportunities, get in touch.

Who runs TMRRW™?

TMRRW™ was established by Something™, a creative studio focused on changing behaviours to make a more interesting world.

We realised that if we could use our creativity to help brands sell more products, we could apply the same approach to helping progress the sustainability agenda & as a result, TMRRW™ was born.

While working with some of the world's biggest brands & most influential audiences we noticed Something interesting. Brands are increasingly looking for more relevant ways to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, and people want to support brands that share their values, as well as new ways to have a positive impact on the environment.

We saw an opportunity to bring these audiences together, aligning their shared values & making it easier for everyone to stop talking and start doing - starting with simple behaviours and developing habits that deliver larger impact.

Find out more about Something™ here.

Why is TMRRW™ important?

Over the last few years we’ve seen a massive rise in awareness of the sustainability issue, however so much of the conversation is focused on the problem, not on establishing relevant, actionable & achievable solutions.

The adoption of sustainable practices can be widespread when simple solutions are developed & communicated, such as the plastic straw initiative, but in isolation these campaigns aren’t enough to make a real impact – we need people to look for opportunities to do better at every touchpoint in their day-to-day lives.

We’re creating achievable behaviour changes, inspiring people to change their mindset & see opportunities, not problems while making it easy for everyone to make a difference.

How is TMRRW™ funded?

Currently, TMRRW™ is funded solely by Something™. It’s an initiative we’re passionate about & we’re doing everything we can to have an impact. As we grow, we’re looking for support from relevant brands & organisations who share our values & want to help us make a bigger impact.

How do I get my business, product or organisation included in The Directory?

You can find out more about our selection criteria for The Directory here.

We’re working hard to make The Directory the definitive guide for those contributing to the circular economy, but we can’t do it alone. If you have a recommendation you’d love to see us include let us know.

How can I raise concerns about a listing in The Directory?

We’ve got limited resources, & we are human, so sometimes we miss things! We rely on our amazing community to help us ensure any concerns or issues about directory entries are flagged. Every entry has a 'Spotted something not quite right?' link to flag any issues, so please don’t hesitate to let us know.

What do you mean by single-use?

When we mention single-use, we’re referring to anything that’s made to be used once & then disposed of. You’ve probably heard the term used in reference to plastic, but for us it’s single-use anything that we’re trying to make a thing of the past.

The challenge with single-use isn’t just about wasted material, but also the energy & resources required to produce it. We need to think further about what happens to these products at the end of their life, & switch our mindset to maximising the lifespan of each & every product.

What’s the problem with recycling?

Common methods of recycling are currently broken & not capable of keeping up with the amount of waste we’re producing – with the majority of materials classed as recyclable either being incinerated, ending up in landfill, or worse, our oceans.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t recycle, but we should consider it our last resort, not first. This is where our 5 R’s can help you consider alternative options.

Is plastic the problem?

While plastic is definitely part of the problem, it’s our consumption in general that is the real problem. Creating a more sustainable future requires us to look beyond just plastic & develop a new consumption model that eliminates waste altogether.

I have a question that’s not answered here, who do I contact?

Feel free to drop us an email & we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.