Worn Wear by Patagonia
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Patagonia makes high-quality outdoor clothing that lasts a long time, but it's not totally indestructible. Worn Wear helps you keep them in use for longer – an extra nine months of life in a garment can cut its carbon footprint by 20-30%. Find repair instructions on the Patagonia website or take them to a Worn Wear event to have them patched and fixed.

What we love

By repairing the clothes we already own, Worn Wear not only cuts down on consumption, but gives people the skills to repair their clothes, rather than send them to landfill. As well as fixing damaged garments, you can buy pre-loved Patagonia clothing on Worn Wear's dedicated website. And, if it's totally knackered, they'll recycle it for you and turn it into new Worn Wear items for sale.

How Worn Wear by Patagonia contributes to the circular economy...


Worn Wear by Patagonia makes it easy to rethink by providing new opportunities to change how you consume.

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