Vestiaire Collective
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The leading online marketplace to buy and sell authenticated pre-owned luxury fashion. The Vestiaire Collective model is unique due to its carefully curated catalogue of desirable pieces, that ​are expertly checked to ensure their quality and authenticity.

The international community is made up of over 7 million fashion savvy members located in over 50 countries across Europe, the United States, Asia, and Australia.

What we love

With so many pieces of luxury fashion hiding away, unused in wardrobes around the world we think this is an amazing way to bring them back into circulation and extend their lifespan. Combined with the authentication process that combats counterfeits and provides buyers with the confidence they're getting authentic items – what's not to love?

In the words of Vestiaire Collective "Give your wardrobe a second life, it's the new luxury."

How Vestiaire Collective contributes to the circular economy...


Vestiaire Collective helps you reuse what already exists by giving new life to pre-loved products and avoiding the need for virgin materials.

Find out more about the 5Rs.

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