Sunglass Fix
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Easily save your sunglasses & the planet with custom cut lenses for almost any sunglass style and brand.

With lenses available for over 130,000 sunglass models, simply search using the model number that's on the inside arm of your glasses, choose the lens type you prefer and they'll send them directly to you wherever you are in the world. They also provide easy-to-follow instructions to help you pop your old lens out and the new ones in.

What we love

Join the repair revolution! Every years billions of pairs of sunglasses are discarded around the world, often just because of a scratched lens. We love seeing brands like this that focus on making it as easy as possible for everyone to repair rather than replace.

How Sunglass Fix contributes to the circular economy...


Sunglass Fix helps you repair products you already own rather than replace them.

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