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ReGrained is an ingredient platform and packaged foods innovator that specialises in upcycling nutritious food streams using patented technology, starting with the grain byproduct of the brewing industry. ReGrained markets a line of puffed chips and nutrition bars under their own brand, and also partners with other food makers to develop products using their proprietary SuperGrain+ "flour."

What we love

Nutritious, healthy, and upcycled. ReGrained rescues all of the nutritious grain created every time beer is brewed. The nutritional value of brewer's grain is huge; after the sugars have been used in the brewing process, all's you're left with is plant protein, prebiotic fibre and micronutrients. It's hard to imagine that before ReGrained came along, this would all go to waste.

How ReGrained contributes to the circular economy...


ReGrained makes it easy to rethink by providing new opportunities to change how you consume.

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