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On a
mission to

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Introducing the 5 Rs

Making it easy for everyone to become more conscious consumers

The 5 R's
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Rethink everything you consume.

If you really do need something, look to borrow, rent or buy more conscious alternatives.

The 5 R's
Reduce your overall consumption.

Buy better quality products less often & refuse anything single-use.

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The 5 R's
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Reuse everything you can.

Buy pre-loved products, use them time & time again & then pass them onto someone else.

The 5 R's
Repair rather than replace.

Choose products that are designed to be fixed & use local businesses to give them new life.

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The 5 R's
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Recycle, only as a last resort.

Don’t just default to government recycling schemes, go one step further & find better solutions.


The most exciting creative challenge we face as humans today is how we transform our linear, consumption-oriented economic system into a circular, self-sustaining society.


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